Wiseup core area of competence is the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. We are committed to raising the standard and quality of education of our youths especially our girls. Our approach is to focus on practical and business skills that match genuine opportunities within our community. Our educational system has failed to provide the resources for such schools. The age long model of charity funded education is also not sufficient, what we need is schools that are financially sustainable meeting the need of relevant education in our community. Unlike traditional schools which focus on passing exams, we equip our students with skills sustainable for livelihood, develop their potential and personal effectiveness.

Redefining education for youths in Nigeria.

Wiseup dynamic curriculum is designed to impact students a number of core competencies;
a. self value
b. confidence and assertiveness
c. sexual and reproductive health care
d. decision making and organizational skills
e. life and financial planning & management
f. public speaking and presentation
g. environmental awareness, appreciation and care
h. active citizencery
i. social outreach and networking
j. leadership skills

What makes our training different
Wiseup focus on experiencing and applying the deep principles of running a business as oppose to just learning the information, and the truth is that information of any kind is just read knowledge until we have experienced and applied it. Our social enterprise aims at solving unemployment problems. In wiseup we take time to get to know and understand individual needs of our girls. We offer than a complete turnkey solution to most nagging life chalenges. We believe in building long term relationship, which enables us to share in the ultimate growth experience of our clients. To achieve this we offer extensive after now support.

You have our promise that we will deliver incredible value during your stay with us. We will shar information that will transform your life, career, business and your income potential.