We are a non governmental organisation driven by a passion for better life for our daughters. We are committed to equipping the female for a well balanced life, this we are out to achieve by delivering to her consistently excellent informative services. Our team therefore constantly upgrade themselves by regularly redefining our goals and undergoing different training programmes.

Our dream is to affect our generation and generations to come. To positively impact the female child while she is still young and ultimately produce an effective and effectual adult woman who will contribute immensely to her world.

Wiseup Foundation is a diversified female organisation with an array of product and services structured to serve physical, economic, emotional and social needs.

We hope to grow to be leaders in all these different areas we serve. For this reason, we employ innovative and dynamic solutions to all the needs of our girls.

we look to the future of our girl-child with great optimism and enthusiasm bearing in mind the big task ahead of her.

This is the very core of our organisation. As a body we believe that our shared dream of a better society can be achieved by investing in the girl-child who by all parameters is naturally a creature of influence.
A wise man once said “….educate a man you educate an individual, educate a woman you educate a nation.”
She influences her husband, then her children, and definitely her environment.
The female project is therefore of paramount importance to us.

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