Modupe Eka (CEO)

Wiseup Foundation is not a product of ideas of a group of men and women. Rather, it was conceived

at a time of meditation and deep communion with the Holy Spirit.

It was an answer to questions that deeply bothered me. About two years ago, we watched on our local television how hundreds of our daughters were deported from Europe. Most of them were involved in prostitution and 90% of them were HIV positive. Sadly, we learnt that many parents actually paid their children’s way to go and dishonor themselves.

At about the same period, the news was told of a woman who was dispossessing teenage mothers of their babies and selling the babies off. Besides, stories of abandoned babies filled all our newspapers. One fact caught my attention, many of these girls were from the oil rich states in Nigeria. By implication, their fathers own the oil-wells which is the source of Nigeria’s wealth. Yet their children were not only deprived, they were totally debased, dehumanized and lack all values.

I heard someone say that the government has failed them. …..NO sir. I do not agree….. In my opinion, we have failed each other long before the government’s factor. The source of the problem is inside of us. There is need to reengineer our mindset. There is need to forcefully break free from poverty mentality in the midst of abundance.

We hope to start from the beginning bearing in mind that it is little things that make the big difference. These little things will either open the door or close it.
Choosing kindness instead of criticism, cooperation instead of independence, discipline instead of impulsiveness. Little acts like our attitude will either work for us or against us.
I hereby welcome you to Wiseup Foundation for the Nigerian females.

There is hope and together we can make our lives better, live to fulfill our dreams and purposes. Whatever the circumstances, we can make a difference in our world. A society without a practical approach towards the upbringing of her female gender has failed in her responsibilities.

We therefore invite you to join us on this website. We have a lot to gain as we educate, enlighten, counsel, strengthen, equip, nurture, empower and prepare our females for an enviable future.

Thank you for joining us. We strongly believe that you will tell others about us.
Once again, I welcome you to Wiseup Foundation where minds are healed and lives are being transformed.

Mrs Modupe J. Eka
President and CEO